Jess & Schoon

About Jess

Jess is not capable of staying in one place for long. She stayed in Texas until graduating high school. Upon graduating she moved to Vermont. While in Vermont she attended Norwich University, the Military college of Vermont. While she was there, she met her two bridesmaids. After that first year, she transferred to University of Texas in Arlington for a semester followed by the University of Massachusetts Lowell for the rest of her college career. Upon graduation in May of 2009, Jess began her Masters of Education degree from the University of Massachusetts Boston. She is now working at the West Suburban YMCA in Newton, MA as an Assistant Aquatics Director.

About Schoon

Schoon is a free spirit working in the entertainment industry.  After finishing up a degree in Computer Science and Music from Bucknell University, he moved to San Francisco to work for the “great” Lucasfilm.  He realized that neither the company nor being that far from home were all that great, and decided to move to the Boston area.  He now works for 38 Studios, a video game company in Maynard, MA.

About Us

Jess and Schoon started out talking online in February. Neither was interested in a long term relationship, each having come out of one recently. A mere week after they started talking they were set to have their first date, but… Schoon was stood up. Another week after the supposed-to-be first date, Schoon had another date with another girl on Friday night, and Jess had another date with another guy earlier in the day.

Their first date was a drizzly February night. Jess walked up to Schoon with his unnecessarily large umbrella, meeting up for a dinner of Korean food, followed by a long walk through the bustling metropolis of Maynard, MA. The date continued with a walk about the town, culminating in Jess conquering the Mighty Snow Hill of Monster’s Parking Lot (complete with Schoon throwing said umbrella as a javelin – show-off). Once the walk conquest had been completed, they decided to take in a movie and part ways.

Upon arriving to her apartment in Boston, Jess found a message already waiting for her on the interwebs. She had been invited on another date with him the next day. Cooking was the goal of that day. Since then the two of them have gone as few days as possible without seeing each other at all, nigh inseparable.

The Proposal

After having both come out of long term relationships that ended due to differences in thinking, the important conversations began nearly immediately. The church hunt started two weeks into the relationship, philosophical theories, money mindsets, and life goals were all discussed.

It was not all a serious matter though. Walking around Quincy, walking all over Boston, work outings, and rock climbing were all activities the two shared. Goofiness was in abundance between these two. Both were becoming more of themselves than they had been in a very long time. The ability to truly be themselves was a strong contributing factor to how well they meshed.

At five weeks and three days into the relationship, Schoon asked Jess a few questions and summed them up with, “I guess that leaves only one question”. Jess being impatient and nosy, pushed for more. “Will you marry me?” was the response. After an immediate response of yes, Jess just-as-immediately retracted her answer until approval from her father had been received.

Eventually, a ring was chosen while the two were in North Carolina at the Schoonmaker clan’s beach house for 4th of July. Following this the ring had to be made, and once it was received the planning process began. The first step that was decided upon was the pastor from the church they had chosen together would be the one to marry him if he agreed.

The Ring